Pinguin Home Regal solid Espresso faltbar 3 Etagen Book cm, Case 82 x 70 x 32 cm, Book Holz, braun, 89,53 X 77.47 X 13.33 cm 8915f2

Pinguin Home Regal solid Espresso faltbar 3 Etagen Book cm, Case 82 x 70 x 32 cm, Book Holz, braun, 89,53 X 77.47 X 13.33 cm 8915f2

Fahed Khalili ist seit unserem Beginn im vergangenen April ein fester Teil von Start with a Friend. Mit seinem Input und seiner Persönlichkeit bereichert er uns und die Arbeit von Start with a Friend.

Fahed erzählt, wie sich das Leben in Deutschland aus seiner Sicht darstellt. Ankommen, Leben, seine Gedanken zur gegenwärtigen Situation - für geflüchtete Menschen, aber auch andere Interessierte. Und wer könnte das besser als jemand der selbst erst vor knapp einem Jahr aus Syrien nach Deutschland geflüchtet ist.

Fahed schreibt auf Englisch und Arabisch.

Fahed Khalili, 27, kommt aus Homs in Syrien. Er lebt seit Januar 2015 in Deutschland. In Syrien hat Fahed Jura studiert und träumt davon, hier einen Master-Studiengang zu finden, um seine Studien fortzuführen. Gemeinsam mit Start with a Friend möchte er es Neuankömmlingen erleichtern, sich in Deutschland zurecht zu finden.

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When you get the residence, you will be obliged to join the integration course which is presented to you by BAMF for free. Then you can learn the German language, learn about the lifestyle and culture of this country, so it is not just a course to learn the language!
But do not waste time with waiting until you get the residence to start learning the language. Now you can register for school as soon as you apply for asylum and get personal documents, according to new decisions. There are great facilities for asylum seekers to start learning the language even before obtaining residence. There are many schools that offer courses for free regularly for this purpose and perhaps the most important is "Volkshochschule" or also called "VHS".

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Do not isolate yourself with restricting your relationships to Arab people ... try to meet German people, contact with them continuously. This is what "Start with a friend" facilitates.
Roam the whole of your city. Don´t focus on areas where Arabs mainly live - for example in Berlin "Wedding + Neukölln" - It is true that one finds in these neighborhoods all one needs. You may even feel like in an Arab country with all its advantages and disadvantages, but you should enjoy the facilities in Berlin. Use the public transport, try to do some sightseeing and discover the parks, libraries, attractive places etc...
Berlin is a wonderful and open city. Trust me, you will like your stay here as long as you are a positive person, you want to work or study, and you have the will to integrate.

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What can you do? How to start‫?

The most important question is perhaps, where you can get correct information? In fact, a lot of new arrivals try to contact friends who already have been living here for a while to advise them. Actually, this is not a bad thing, but it is always better to go to one of the offices and organizations – you find many of them in Berlin - which help refugees, provide them with advices for free or support them with a translator to accompany them to the official bureaus, translate letters and documents or help to fill out the applications‫. It is important to have correct

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information and especially not trust all the rumours that circulate in the accomodations (Heim).

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Even though the asylum law in Germany is everywhere the same, the procedures vary between states (Bundesländer). The period to obtain a permit vary from person to person, even in the same state! There is no basis which we can depend on about this issue. So maybe you arrive to Berlin with your friend and start with the procedures together, but later he gets the residence in two weeks, but it takes three months for you. This is a normal thing and it happens, there is no need to be surprised, just take it easy. The reason for this is maybe due to the mechanism of work at the Federal Office for Migration and Asylum (BAMF) where is a big pressure with the arriving of thousands of refugees everyday‫.

Pinguin Home Regal solid Espresso faltbar 3 Etagen Book cm, Case 82 x 70 x 32 cm, Book Holz, braun, 89,53 X 77.47 X 13.33 cm 8915f2

And perhaps you and a friend took the same way to Germany and you were both forced to give your fingerprints in another EU country. This means according to the "Dublin III agreement" that the first EU-Country you set foot in is responsible for your asylum procedure and you are obliged to go back to this country. Often the fingerprints are put in a huge database - but also sometimes not! So maybe Germany finds the fingerprint of one of you but not of the other one. Or the fingerprints of both of you are being watched, but one of the countries refuses to take one of you back. This already happened to many people and there is no need to be surprised.

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Whatever way you reached Germany, whether it was legal or by smuggling, the words of welcoming above are the first thing which you will hear when you arrive at the airport or when you register at the center for the new refugees (LaGeSo in Berlin). Actually that is totally normal because the German people are friendly and nice, so we welcome you also here on the official site of "Start with a Friend", Welcome!

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Usually when people move to live in a new place it is normal to suffer from some confusion during the first days. New circumstances and a different atmosphere are to be faced, different circumstances than in the old home. But it it might be even more difficult for the people who have moved from the middle east – for example - to Germany.

There are so many differences about the lifestyle here: Starting with the traffic lights! But also working on all this papers and documents which are required in the official offices like LAGeSo or Jobcenter or Ausländerbehörde. Germans simply love papers. Further on with opening a bank account, getting health insurance and the advanced transportation means- everyone is into biking!

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In fact, most of the new arrivals to Germany had formed their image about the lifestyle here, but when they arrive, they might be surprised and perhaps shocked that the reality is quite different, and the problem lies exactly here, that there is no idea about how to deal with new life.

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